• What is Hindustan Olympiad?

    -Hindustan Olympiad is an independently organized examination by Hindustan Media Ventures Limited. It is designed to determine a participant’s general academic aptitude. Since inception in 2015, Hindustan Olympiad has received an overwhelming response from lakhs of students, parents and thousands of schools. It provides a unique platform to lakhs of participants to compete with each other on standard academic parameters.

  • What is the venue of Hindustan Olympiad?

    -School campus of a registered school

  • Who is eligible to participate in the competition?

    -Hindustan Olympiad is open for students of all classes from 1st to 12th

  • Can students from all streams participate from class 11th and 12th?

    -Yes, Hindustan Olympiad is currently available for participants of Commerce, Humanities and Science (Mathematics & Biology both).

  • What are the subjects tested in Hindustan Olympiad?

    -For classes 1st to 10th : English, Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge & Logical Reasoning
    - For classes 11th & 12th :
    -- Commerce : Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English & Logical Reasoning
    -- Humanities : Geography, History, Political Science, English & Logical Reasoning
    -- Science : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology, English & Logical Reasoning

  • How many questions are there in Hindustan Olympiad exam?

    -50 Questions

  • What is the format of questions?

    -Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Each question shall have 4 options to choose the correct answer from.

  • What is the format of answer sheets?

    -For answers students are provided with standard OMR Sheets. Participants are required to completely fill the bubbles (circles) available in the sheet.

  • What is the duration of Hindustan Olympiad test?

    -One hour only. Additional 10 minutes are also provided for filling the OMR sheets and reading the instructions before the test begins.

  • How to participate in Hindustan Olympiad?

    -Any interested student can participate in the Hindustan Olympiad only if his / her school has been officially registered with us. To get the school registered, the school administration must fill our association form or email us at hindustanolympiad@livehindustan.com

  • Is there a participation fee for the test??

    -Yes, any interested student must submit Rs. 200 to his / her school along with a signed and completely filled Parent Consent Form.

  • Which states does it take place in??

    -Hindustan Olympiad is organized in schools across Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar & Jharkhand.

  • What are the prizes available?

    -Currently, prizes are available at State level and District level. All state level (or region level) and district level toppers will be awarded with cash scholarship, certificates and trophies.
    All participating students shall be given a participation certificate, a performance report and an assessment report.

  • How will the toppers get the prizes?

    -All toppers will be invited to one of our 15 felicitation ceremonies organized across 4 states. Toppers will be awarded in the ceremony itself. If a topper is unable to visit the ceremony on a given day, the scholarship, certificate & trophy shall be collected from our local offices.

  • What are the timelines of Hindustan Olympiad?

    -School Registration Program : Till November 2019
    Hindustan Olympiad Exam Day : 10th December 2019
    Result Declaration : January 2020
    Felicitation Ceremony : February / March 2020